Flow control and flood protection

Control the flow of storm and surface water, deliver effective water management projects and cut the risk of flooding to homes, businesses and infrastructure.

Climate change and urban growth have contributed to an environment in which flooding is an increasingly frequent and damaging occurrence. Sustainable, water-sensitive and low-impact development initiatives around the world highlight the need for effective flood mitigation, and forward-thinking engineers are combining natural and proprietary water management products to deliver the best possible protection.

Our flow control products help engineers to design systems that slow and hold water during storm events, preventing and controlling flooding, mitigating flood risk and reliably protecting people and property.

Flood protection products

Hydro-Brake® flow controls

Hydro-Brake® flow control valves have deservedly earned a reputation for delivering reliable, effective drainage control, stormwater management and flood protection and control. Requiring no power and with few or no moving parts, these systems provide exceptional water management for sustainable drainage systems (SuDS), low-impact development (LID) and water-sensitive urban design (WSUD) projects.

Hydro-Brake® Optimum 

  • A vortex flow control device custom-engineered to provide site-specific water management for surface, foul and combined water across a wide range of flows and for a variety of applications. View product

Hydro-Brake® Flood 

  • A hydrodynamic flow control providing large-scale protection at the watercourse level to prevent costly damage and disruption to residents, businesses and essential services. View product

Hydro-Brake® Agile 

  • A float-activated flow control providing constant discharge, cutting on-site storage to a minimum while matching the carrying capacity of downstream infrastructure. View product

Hydro-Brake® Orifice 

  • A low-cost, low-complexity flow control for surface, foul or combined water at sites with generous discharge consents and low storage constraints. View product

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