Hydrometry and monitoring

Use real-world, real-time data to make better response, planning and asset management decisions.

Built and natural water environments are large and complex systems, and it can be difficult to model and forecast supply, demand and flood risk. In many cases people rely on outdated, incomplete or unrepresentative climate and hydrometric data to make critical and urgent decisions, or—worse—make decisions without the benefit of data at all.

Our data loggers, telemetry, databases and analysis systems provide real-time, real-world insight into environmental, network and system conditions, improving incident response, planning and asset management activities.

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Hydro-Logic™ Smart Monitoring solutions

Data loggers

Data loggers are the front end of a Smart Monitoring system, collecting the data, temporarily storing it and either transmitting it or making it available for download. They may be operated manually or automatically, though their real value comes when installed in a remote site and configured to transmit data autonomously to a telemetry or data management system.

Hydro-Logic™ Flexi Logger 

  • A flexible “sensor agnostic” data logger that can be paired with a range of sensors to monitor water quality and water quantity and measure a variety of hydrometric, environmental and climate data. View product

Hydro-Logic™ Flow Logger

  • Provides insight into flow rates, providing engineers with real-world flow data they need to analyze, model and forecast flow in support of effective resource management, feasibility studies, network design and optimisation. View product

Hydro-Logic™ Level Logger

  • Monitors water levels across a range of applications—including waterways, sewers and groundwater—in order to provide real-time situational insight as well as the longer-term water level data capture required for analysis, modeling and forecasting. View product

Hydro-Logic™ Weather Logger

  • Enables monitoring of weather data including rainfall and other upstream flood precursor conditions, as well as longer-term meteorological factors relating to climate change. View product

Telemetry systems

A telemetry system receives data, stores it and provides visualizations and some analysis functions. It may also send automatic alerts—for example, to local responders in the event that a logger has detected that upstream conditions have reached a point at which downstream flooding is imminent.

Hydro-Logic™ Timeview

  • An online telemetry, data visualization, early warning and alarm platform. View product


Data loggers can collect huge amounts of environmental data, so in order to make sense of this big data a specialized database is required. Specialized databases enable users to interrogate data, identify trends and make better long-term planning, purchasing and asset management decisions.

Hydro-Logic™ Timeview DBi

  • An extension of the Hydro-Logic™ Timeview platform, providing entry-level database functionality and analysis tools. View product