Water and wastewater treatment

Remove grit and solids to improve water quality and reduce sludge handling costs at water and wastewater treatment plants.

Growing populations are placing a greater operational burden on existing water treatment facilities, and both current plants and new projects must contend equally with the damaging and costly effects of grit. Solids carried in wastewater accumulate in downstream processes, which reduces plant efficiency as well as causing damaging abrasion to treatment systems—increasing operational and maintenance costs.

Our grit management technologies protect downstream processes, cutting maintenance and preventing clogging and deposition, and our sludge management products improve dewatering and reduce solids handling.

Grit management products

Grit separation

Wastewater grit that passes through inefficient grit removal technologies accumulates downstream, clogging important processes and causing abrasion damage to treatment systems. Our grit removal products remove more, finer inorganic solids, protecting plants and reducing energy and maintenance costs.


  • A high-performance,unpowered grit removal system that captures and retains 95% of all grit 75 micron and larger. View product

Grit King®

  • A compact, unpowered grit removal system that removes 95% of 75 micron particles or larger. View product

Grit washing, classifying and dewatering

Captured grit must be washed, classified and dewatered before being sent away to landfill. Our products remove organics effectively and reduce solids handling and landfill costs.

Hydro GritCleanse

  • Optimized fluidized bed grit washing, captures fine grit with very low organic content, 95% removal of 106 micron and larger grit with <5% VS. View product

Grit Snail®

  • A quiescent dewatering belt escalator that captures and dewaters the fine grit output from a grit removal system. View product


  • A grit washing system that uses two levels of separation and classification to capture, wash and classify grit as small as 75 micron from grit slurries, primary and secondary sludge. View product


  • A compact, unpowered grit washing system with no moving parts that delivers clean grit ready for dewatering. View product


  • A highly efficient dewatering system that delivers 95% removal of all particles 106 micron and larger and 75% of 75-106 micron particles. View product 


  • A high-performance accelerated gravity separation, classification and washing system. View product 

Sludge processing products

Remove and compact solids from sludge to reduce solids handling costs and improve downstream treatment efficiency.

Hydro-Sludge® Screen

  • A superior sludge screening solution for municipal and industrial applications, delivering better removal and compaction of process and wastewater solids. View product

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