Beverage Process Wastewater Treatment

Our industrial screening and treatment solutions help beverage producers to treat distillery, winery and brewery process water and wastewater - protecting downstream processes, recovering solids for reuse or resale, improving water recycling and cutting effluent surcharges.

Everything about beverage production involves water. Water is needed to irrigate grapes, hops and grain, to maintain sanitary conditions, to wash fermentation tanks and barrels, presses and crushing equipment. Everything needs to be cleaned using water at some point, and almost everything needs to be cleaned each day of operation.

This useful water generates a tremendous amount of wastewater, which often has very high levels of Total Suspended Solids (TSS), Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) and Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD). 

Our beverage processing water screening and treatment technologies can help drinks manufacturers to screen and treat process water and wastewater more effectively, improving profitability by saving money on operations, improving overall treatment efficiency and increasing recovery, reuse and sale of recovered by-products.

Our solutions for your sector

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Brewery wastewater treatment

Winery wastewater treatment

Industrial silt, sand and sediment removal


Featured technology: ultrafine rotating belt screening

Removing by-product materials from flow streams more effectively generates water that can be recycled and reused for other processes - or discharged with reduced effluent surcharge costs - along with solid waste that can either be disposed of more cost-effectively, sold on to secondary markets, or reused for purposes such waste-to-energy conversion. 

The Hydro MicroScreen™ ultrafine rotating belt screen is a small-footprint treatment system that captures finer particles than conventional screening, significantly reduces TSS, particulate BOD and COD. The Hydro MicroScreen™ produces a clean, dewatered solids output, and requires less energy and maintenance than comparable technologies. 

The Hydro MicroScreen™ is the ideal solution for beverage processors with residual solids in their flow following conventional screening.  Conventional screening systems typically remove solids 500 microns and larger while the Hydro MicroScreen™ can remove solids as fine as 100 microns.

Learn more: Hydro MicroScreen™

Featured technology: hydrodynamic sediment and sand removal

Sand and sediment can be abrasive and can accelerate wear on washing, sorting, cutting, and pumping equipment - leading to increased maintenance, repair and associated downtime.  Additionally, its presence in water reduces the quality of your product as well as limiting your ability to reuse that water.  Sand and fine particles in your wastewater can substantially and unnecessarily increase sewer discharge fees.

The HeadCell®TeaCup® and Grit King® hydrodynamic separator systems remove fine particles from your flow streams, providing an easy way to decrease your operational costs, increase your plant's efficiency, and increase the quality of your output and improve water reuse. 

Our hydrodynamic separators remove finer grit (95% of all grit 75 micron and larger) in a much smaller footprint than conventional sedimentation, with low maintenance and virtually no detention time required. 

Learn more: HeadCell® | TeaCup® | Grit King®

Featured technology: sludge screening 

Removing dry solids from primary process wastewater sludge can reduce the likelihood of blockages and help to protect other treatment processes.

Our Hydro-Sludge® Screen is a superior sludge processing system that is designed for quick, simple and safe maintenance, with a self-lubricating cone to cut maintenance requirements and a discharge section with easy access for servicing and inspection.

Delivering screenings at up to 40 % total solids, the Hydro-Sludge® Screen removes, compacts and dewaters coarse material in sludge to reduce the solids handling burden, cutting the cost of screen solids management, transport and disposal.

Learn more: Hydro-Sludge® Screen

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