Beverage Wastewater Solutions

Hydro International solutions help beverage producers to treat winery and brewery wastewater, effectively protecting downstream processes, recovering solids for re-use or resale, and cutting effluent surcharges.

Nobody got into the beer or wine business because they wanted to deal with wastewater - but in any scale of production, deal with it you must.

Everything about alcohol production involves water. Irrigation water is needed to grow grapes, hops, and grain. Water is required all over the plant to maintain sanitary conditions. Fermentation tanks and barrels, presses and crushing equipment need to be thoroughly washed. Everything in a winery or brewery needs to be cleaned using water at some point in time, most everything needs to be cleaned each day of operation.

Our cutting-edge technologies help you treat wastewater faster, more efficiently, and more cost-effectively than ever before. The Hydro MicroScreen™ ultrafine rotating belt screen system provides significant benefits for beer and wine producers.

Visit our winery wastewater and brewery wastewater pages to learn more about how the Hydro MicroScreen™ can help your operation.

Only Hydro MicroScreen™:

  • Removes more solids than conventional screening systems, preventing them from being sent to traditional wastewater processes 
  • Preserves capacity of DAF
  • Recovers more solids from waste streams and outputs dewatered and compacted material – providing cost-effective storage, transport, and resale options
  • Replaces multiple step pretreatment processes in a single unit
  • Removes up to 90% TSS, 40% BOD
  • Produces up to 30-50% TS when equipped with the integral dewatering section and compression zone, without the use of chemicals
  • Often pays for itself with a 12-18 month ROI

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