Cereal Processing Wastewater with Hydro MicroScreen

 Hydro MicroScreen Saves $2M in Construction Costs

A large cereal manufacturer in Battle Creek, MI was looking to expand their on-site wastewater treatment system to meet growing demand for their product. Their aging system was failing to prevent sewer surcharge fees and they were ready for an upgrade. They requested bids for a new rotary drum screen, dissolved air flotation, dewatering screw press, flocculent and coagulant dosing system, sludge pumps and belt filter press. The quotes they received came in $1.5 at million over budget. They needed to find a better solution! The cereal manufacturer contacted Hydro International for a demonstration of the Hydro MicroScreen’s performance at their plant under their operating conditions. The results from this small footprint solution were phenomenal!

Cereal Hydro MicroScreen Measured Performance

The outstanding performance of the demonstration equipment led to purchase of a Hydro MicroScreen™ that would replace multiple steps in their proposed treatment solution. Installing the Hydro MicroScreen™ system would save them over $2M in construction costs, reduced their surcharges by 30%, and eliminated the cost of disposing of wet solids from their primary screen. 

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