Hydro MicroScreen Winery Wastewater Treatment Solutions

Remove pomace from winery wastewater to reduce loading on downstream wastewater treatment treatment processes with the Hydro MicroScreen.

Southern California’s increasing water scarcity continues to be a significant issue for all growers in the Napa Valley. Particularly hard hit are Napa Valley wineries. While irrigation costs continue to rise, so does the cost of treating winery wastewater. Given the high sugar content of grapes, winery wastewater can have tremendously high levels of COD. A large Napa Valley winery contacted Hydro International for a demonstration project with the Hydro MicroScreen™ system to evaluate its effectiveness on their wastewater stream.

The system was shown to reduce the winery’s wastewater TSS by 11% and COD by 12%. Average Total Solids (TS) removal was 50% and the system outputted materials that averaged 48% TS. This provided the winery with the opportunity to reduce their treatment lagoon footprint and maximize the efficiency of their downstream wastewater processes. 

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