Six DynaSand Deni Filters Remove Phosphorus in Ratzeburg, Germany

Six DynaSand® Deni filters provide phosphorus removal at a wastewater treatment plant in Germany.

The Situation

In 2005 a new wastewater treatment plant was opened in Ratzeburg, in the Lauenburgischer National Park, Germany.

The Problem

The plant needed to remove phosphorus in addition to TSS, Ammonia and Nitrogen before discharge meeting specific outlet restrictions as follows:

  • COD - 65 mg/l
  • BOD - 15 mg/l
  • NH4-N - 1 mg/l
  • NOx-N - 10 mg/l
  • Ntot - 15 mg/l
  • Ptot - 0.3 - 0.6 mg/l

The Solution

The new wastewater treatment plant includes a basin for excess water storage, pre-treatment, active-sludge step with aerobic and anaerobic zones, post-sedimentation and then a filtration station which is followed by a UV-light disinfection stage. 
The filtration stage is undertaken by four DynaSand® Oxy filters and six DynaSand® Deni vertical continuous sand filters.
The DynaSand® Oxy filters deliver ammonia, TSS and BOD removal in a single stage.
The DynaSand® Deni filters are dosed with methanol to provide a carbon source for detnitrification and additionally with FeCL3 to precipitate out dissolved phosphates which are then removed with other solids.
Download the full case study for performance data.
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