Hydro International thought leadership: stormwater BMP maintenance

Pasquale Napolitano, Hydro International Commercial Manager, Stormwater Services & Maintenance, examines how contractors and engineers can work alongside site owners to maximize treatment system lifetimes and to maintain effective performance.

To help support owners of stormwater best management practices (BMPs) to maintain operational effectiveness and maximize the lifetimes of their systems, partners and stakeholders should raise their awareness about the system’s requirements.

Stormwater treatment systems are often one of the first components of a development to be installed, sometimes a number of years before completion of the development. Typically they are underground. The owner is likely to be distanced from the project due to there being a substantial number of other parties involved, then when they take ownership of the site they have any number of other priorities.

Consultants and designers should underline to the owner the importance of carrying out the correct maintenance of the system. Proper maintenance supports both the expected performance and lifespan of the system.

Ultimately, undertaking the correct maintenance is likely to be the most cost-effective approach for the owner. Consultants and designers are ideally placed to set down the maintenance requirements in a management plan for the site, something that may well be required by local planning regulations.

This plan can help the owner budget for the required maintenance. Consultants and designers can also comment on the value of ensuring that maintenance is overseen or carried out by someone with a knowledge of stormwater. As a consultant or a designer, you want the treatment system you deliver to meet the needs of the owner. In this way, trouble-free operation and maintenance will also contribute to your own reputation.

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