UK Webinar: How Industrial Water Treatment Solutions Can Provide Opportunities for Cost Savings


Starts: 13:00 BST, 23rd May 2019
Ends: 14:00 BST, 23rd May 2019

Join Phillip Moreton, Keith Hutchings and Paul Barter to find out how water or wastewater treatment at different stages of industrial processes can help reduce supply and discharge costs.

Water scarcity, increasingly stringent effluent discharge regulations and operational efficiency drivers represent real challenges for water-intensive industrial businesses, with process water use, treatment and discharge generating both cost and risk.

Water is used in many aspects of an industrial organisation’s operation and each process has its own opportunities for re-use and cost savings.

This webinar will look at the Mogden Formula which is the charging mechanism for trade effluent discharge costs to sewers.
We will also explore where opportunities to save costs can be found in raw water use, water recycling and wastewater / trade effluent. Using application data, we will demonstrate various technologies that can reduce pollutants and show where cost savings can be generated.

Key takeaways from the webinar will include:

  • A clear understanding of the Mogden formula and how it can affect your profits.
  • How much your trade effluent disposal could be costing if you’re discharging to a sewer without treatment.
  • How treatment of raw water, trade effluent and recycling of water can provide significant cost savings.
  • Proven solids separation technologies for the treatment of raw water, trade effluent and water recycling.

Presented by:

Phillip Moreton, Industrial Business Development Manager - UK

Keith Hutchings, Europe Product Manager - Municipal & Industrial

Paul Barter, Principal Process Engineer



Event date: 
Thursday, May 23, 2019 - 13:00 to 14:00
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