Fish Pass & Hydraulic Design

Get expert advice on solutions to minimise the ecological impact of water level and control structures on rivers and streams.

Most rivers and streams in the UK have water level and flow control structures, and a significant number of these are used for flow measurement purposes.

Many of these structures will require modifying or even removing to improve fish migration in compliance with EU and local regulations, particularly the Water Framework Directive and Habitats Directive.  

The Hydro-Logic® Services team can help water management organisations and environmental regulatory agencies to design, implement and manage man-made structures in a way that protects the aquatic environment and minimises the impact on fish movement and breeding patterns.

Our services

We provide specialist advice and recommendations on cost-effective solutions, including full fish pass design and uncertainty analysis.

Our expertise

Our team includes a number of recognised specialists in the hydraulic analysis and design associated with the improvement of fish passage at hydrometric flow measuring structures.

We have also undertaken hydraulic analysis in relation to a range of other water level and flow control structures, hydropower installations and flood defences.

We have been working with the UK Environment Agency since 2008 to develop new techniques to aid the estimation of measurement uncertainty for different flow measurement techniques when combined with fish passes. The outputs from this work include a powerful decision-making tool to assist in balancing improved fish passage with accurate measurement at flow monitoring sites.

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