Flood Risk Assessment

Flood Risk Assessment

Get a robust and accurate assessment of the flood risks at your house or development site, to support planning applications, enable faster first response, emergency management procedures or evacuation activities.

What is a Flood Risk Assessment?

A Flood Risk Assessment (FRA) is a technical appraisal of the flooding risks resulting from a land development proposal. It is usually required in support of a planning application for most developments on land within one of the Environment Agency’s defined flood zones.

This includes development sites in flood zone 2 or 3, including both minor development and change of use, sites of more than 1 hectare (ha) in flood zone 1 or even smaller sites in zone 1 which are more vulnerable to surface water flooding or critical drainage problems. 

FRAs are a formal requirement to support many planning applications in the UK.  Specific requirements apply in England, Wales and Scotland, but in general, FRAs need to demonstrate whether a proposed development is likely to be affected by any type of flooding and whether it will increase flooding elsewhere.

We offer a range of cost effective FRAs to solve all of your flood risk problems including:

  • Level 1: Desktop review to highlight the potential for development and issues that would need to be taken into account in any full FRA, typically costing £500 to £1,500, depending on the complexity of the issues to be considered;

  • Level 2: Preparation of a report for submission with a Planning Application, typically costing between £1,500 and £3,000;

  • Level 3: FRA requiring more complex and detailed modelling, such as hydraulic modelling for a formal flood map challenge.

The clear format of our Reports has been widely appreciated by regulators and clients alike.

Our expertise

We have carried out hundreds of FRAs and FCAs (Flood Consequence Assessments) for clients across the UK in recent years.

Our support has enabled developers and construction companies to secure planning permissions for a wide range of developments including housing, commercial, agricultural, power, leisure and quarrying.

Flood Mitigation

Flood mitigation is an essential component of the work that we undertake for FRAs. Mitigation ranges from drainage measures, such as soakaways, through to the design of flood balancing reservoirs.

Our analysts can provide comprehensive hydraulic design services for the following mitigation measures:

  • Soakaways and infiltration basins, including flow control and pollution control devices
  • Flood balancing tanks, including rainwater harvesting
  • Flood storage reservoirs
  • Flood walls and embankments
  • Flood plain/wetland rehabilitation
  • Geomorphological impacts

Other flood services and water engineering capabilities