Industrial Silt, Sand & Sediment Removal

Virtually any industrial manufacturing process can improve efficiency and make savings using our liquid / solids separation technology. 

Our advanced, proven technologies for liquid / solid separation systems can remove the largest items, such as trash from stormwater runoff, all the way down to the very smallest, such as separating inorganic particles as small as 75 micron in diameter from various types of sludge. 

Whatever your process liquids, there’s a good chance that we can provide a solution that will make your operation more efficient and lower your operating costs.  

By-product recovery

Any industrial process that uses a lot of water typically has a significant amount of by-product that is wasted and washed into wastewater streams. Whether it is the fines left from steel manufacturing, or scraps of ingredients after a burrito leaves the line – this residual material can either be a nuisance or a treasure. 

If left to enter other processes, it can damage downstream equipment or reduce the capacity of liquid-based wastewater treatment processes.  If sent to a sewer system, it can incur significant discharge fees

Industries and applications


  • River abstraction
  • Hatchery silt removal prior to clean water intake 
  • Clam processing sand removal


  • Grit removal for livestock truck washing operations 
  • Grit removal for city truck fleet washing 
  • Railroad car washing 
  • Dairy transport vehicle washing


  • Plastics manufacturing fine particle removal 
  • Steel fine removal 
  • Clothing manufacturer wastewater grit removal 
  • Glass recycling
  • Pharmaceutical fine particle capture 
  • Steel scale removal 
  • Ceramic casting fines removal

Wood Products

  • Particle board TSS removal and material recovery
  • Pulp & Paper material recovery / TSS reduction

Sand & Grit Removal for Flume Waters

When dealing with anything grown in the soil, producers must deal with dirt, sand, and grit. Equipment such as conveyors, pumps, scrapers, spray nozzles, and material handling equipment all can be seriously damaged by fine particles and abrasive sand. Traditionally, sedimentation basins have been used to settle out these materials from vegetable processing operations. These work, but take up a large area of land that could be used for additional planting and removing settled materials from these lagoons is often labour intensive, expensive and can be hazardous.

We can provide small-footprint solutions for flume de-gritting that outputs dry sediment that is ready for cost-effective disposal.

Our sand and grit removal equipment has been used in a wide variety of operations to help quickly recycle wash water and re-use this valuable commodity for additional washing or irrigation. Our TeaCup® grit removal system was originally developed to remove sand from vegetable harvest washing operations, and many of our other technologies - such as the HeadCell®, Grit King® and Grit Snail® - have also been optimised for use within industrial operations. 


  • Flume de-gritting
  • Wash water reuse
  • Sediment system capacity protection and land reuse
  • Root crop harvest washing


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