The Hydro-Logic™ Level Logger is an accurate, reliable data logger ideally suited to ongoing remote capture of water level data.

As the front end of a Smart Monitoring system, the Hydro-Logic™ Level Logger accurately and reliably monitors water levels in a range of environments—including waterways, sewers and groundwater—in order to provide real-time situational insight as well as the longer-term data capture required for analysis, modeling and forecasting.

Operating as a single unit or part of a larger network, the Hydro-Logic™ Level Logger transmits data automatically to cloud-based servers or to an existing SCADA system for continuous monitoring of remote water bodies, groundwater and stormwater, providing hydrologists, engineers and emergency response staff with data and alarms to help them plan, act and react quickly and effectively to emerging flood events and long-term climate trends.

Recording data at intervals as low as 10 seconds, when combined with a telemetry system the Hydro-Logic™ Level Logger provides real-time event monitoring and early warning of flood and other environmental events, and battery lifetimes of up to seven years mean that it has the longevity to feed a database with big data to power long-term planning, purchasing and asset management decisions.

Typical sensors:

  • Depth level pressure sensors
  • Radar level sensors
  • Optical level sensors
  • Ultrasonic level sensors


  • Real-time water level monitoring - rivers, tanks, reservoirs and lakes, groundwater, sewers, combined sewer overflows (CSO)
  • Flood warning and alerting
  • Maintenance and support prioritization
  • Water asset management planning

The exact configuration of the Hydro-Logic™ Level Logger will depend on your site and on what data you want to collect. Please contact us to talk to an expert about your specific water level data logging requirements.

Designed for

High flow
Low flow
Medium flow


Get early warning of flood events

When paired with a telemetry system for alarm message forwarding the Hydro-Logic™ Level Logger provides early warning of floods and other key events, providing responders with a vital head start to conduct mitigation procedures, provide warnings and carry out evacuation and protection activities.

Capturing water level data in real time—at intervals as low as 10s— the Hydro-Logic™ Level Logger provides the data necessary to generate automated warnings and alerts for situations including:

  • High river flood level
  • Storage tank level - high or low
  • High CSO level
  • Blockage at culvert trash screen

Learn about our telemetry systems and how they work with our data loggers to help you react faster to flood events.

Make better planning and purchasing decisions

Long-term monitoring of water levels provides big data that can be used to analyse, model and forecast issues relating to effective water management—and the Hydro-Logic™ Level Logger is designed to enable this.

Understanding climate change, increased pressure on water supplies and changing demands on sewer networks enables business and public organizations to look beyond the horizon, allowing them to develop better plans, manage assets more effectively and make more cost-effective purchasing decisions.

Cut your level monitoring operation costs

Water level data loggers often need to be installed in remote or difficult-to-access locations—such as wells, boreholes and rivers—and regular battery replacement increases the cost of maintenance and operation. With battery lifetimes of up to seven years, the Hydro-Logic™ Level Logger keeps operating for longer—cutting support requirements and enabling you to direct your support teams onto other activities.

How it works

How it works

  1. Following a site and installation assessment the Hydro-Logic™ Level Logger—or network of loggers—is installed on site. Typical installations include inside drains and culverts, mounted on a pole, inside a borehole or well, or at the side of a lake, river or reservoir.

  2. The logger is calibrated and set to log data according to application-specific requirements. The Hydro-Logic™ Level Logger can conduct regular data logging at intervals from as low as 10 seconds and as high as 12 hours.

  3. The data logger collects water level data autonomously and either transmits it automatically to a telemetry system, or houses it until support personnel return to manually download the data.

  4. The logger may be integrated into an existing SCADA system via M2M protocols such as DNP3 or Modbus.

Contact us to talk to an expert about your specific requirements.

Technical information

Technical information

Data logging interval 

  • Minimum: 10 seconds 
  • Maximum: 12 hours

Data capacity (16-bit readings) 

  • 29,760

Channels 

  • Analogue: up to 8 
  • Digital: up to 3 
  • SDI-12: up to 16

Data delivery method 

  • Automatic transmission (via telemetry system) 
  • Manual download

Modem type 

  • 2G, 3G as standard 
  • LORA Radio and PSTN options 
  • Internal and external modem options

Other technical features 

  • DNP3 Open Protocol 
  • Unit waterproofing - IP65 and IP68 standard 
  • ATEX option 
  • LCD display option 
  • External battery pack option


Technical features vary by application. Our experts will advise you on which model and sensor best meet your needs.



Case Studies

Case Studies