The Hydro MicroScreen Floc99 polymer dosing system for industrial wastewater treatment
Posted - 23 May 2023

Chemical dosing delivers exceptional TSS removal for industrial customers

During a recent Hydro MicroScreen™ installation in the UK we collaborated with the customer to test chemical dosing of the system. The result was a TSS removal rate of 98%.

The Hydro MicroScreen™ is a high-performance rotating belt screening system that enables operators to capture high levels of TSS, BOD and other materials from water and wastewater. Although its performance is already impressive, we were confident that, with the application of the right science, we could achieve even better results for both our industrial and municipal customers. 

During an installation at a plastics recycling facility in the UK, we consulted with the customer and asked if they would be happy for us to test our hypothesis under real-world conditions.

Our hypothesis was this: we knew from both testing and operational data that we could remove an average of 40% TSS from the customer's waste stream under normal conditions, and we also knew that this reduced level of TSS meant that around 40-60% less downstream polymer and coagulant was required ahead of further treatment by a DAF unit, so we assumed that if we dosed the influent going into the Hydro MicroScreen™ then we could achieve even higher solids removal that would require less dosing downstream, and significantly reduce overall chemical use. 

We set up the system and tested it for four hours using the site's regular waste influent. The results confirmed our hypothesis:

  • Average TSS removal = 96%
  • Max TSS removal = 98%
  • Effluent TSS as low as 103 mg/l vs influent TSS of 5,092 mg/l 
  • Overall chemical usage reduced by ~40%

In fact, the effluent TSS of 103 mg/l was even better than they had been able to achieve with their existing DAF system. 

In addition to the much improved TSS removal performance, the reduced chemical load mitigated concerns regarding blinding of the screen due to excessive polymer dosing. Even with a cold-water spray feed, there was no evidence of blinding during testing.

In further tests the Hydro MicroScreen™ has since achieved up to 99% TSS removal with the addition of chemical dosing.

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