Our values

Our six values are at the heart of our culture, and they reflect how we do business.

Working collaboratively 

We regularly engage with and understand the needs of our customers, colleagues, industry groups and suppliers in order to continually adapt our business.

Our customers benefit from a partnership rather than a buyer-seller relationship – we understand their requirements and deliver tailored solutions that enable them to meet and exceed their objectives.

Responding with urgency

We are proactive, responsive and accurate. We are committed to consistency in our behaviour and actions, ensuring product and service quality.

Our customers benefit from a rigorous and vital focus on their needs at all times, meaning that they can rely on us to provide effective independent advice, solutions and support

Valuing excellence

We challenge ourselves, adopting ambitious goals, measuring performance and recognising our achievements.

Our customers benefit from best-in-class products, services, support and account management, regardless of who they are or where they are in the world.

Learning and improving

We are bold and inquisitive. We embrace knowledge management into our systems, and emphasise the importance of personal development.

Our customers benefit from investing in advanced, effective solutions that they can trust, all built on an unrivalled foundation of engineering excellence and scientific rigour.

Embracing innovation

We continuously innovate products and services to be market leading, and we encourage and nurture original thinking, ensuring that we develop authentic, customer-focused solutions.

Our customers benefit from solutions that provide novel and unexpected ways for them to overcome their challenges and meet their objectives – helping them to improve performance, manage risk and reduce lifetime cost.

Respecting our community

We put our corporate responsibility into practice by supporting our community programmes, reducing our environmental impact, and sustaining the welfare of our organisation.

Our customers benefit from partnering with an ethical, responsible business that actively supports them in meeting their own environmental obligations.


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