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Wastewater Tank Cleaning Services

We clean your wastewater tanks while they remain full of water, keeping your plant online and fully operational.

Founded in Florida in 1982. Hydro International's Settled Solids Management team provides tank cleaning services that allow wastewater treatment plants to remove sand, rags, and grit from even the most delicate processes while the plant remains online and fully operational. Our tank cleaning services are only available in the Southeast US.

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Every aspect of our tank cleaning technology has been customized to solve one of the most challenging operational problems the southeast's wastewater community faces.

  • Sand and grit removal
  • Vegetation removal
  • Total tank cleanout
  • Filter media cleaning and replacement

We offer these services to wastewater treatment plants throughout Florida and the Southeast USA


  • Improve effluent quality
  • Increase efficiency and capacity
  • Extend equipment lifetimes
  • A tax-deductible maintenance expense

We get grit out of just about anything!

In addition to wastewater treatment tanks we can also remove solids from:

  • Connecting canals between lakes to open up passing zones for boat passage or from land-locked canals in housing areas.
  • Boat slips or docking areas where boat activity is restricted due to sand build-up.
  • Flooded storm water collection boxes where the water cannot be drained.
  • Quilted or concrete bottom ponds or basins.
  • Algae sludge can be removed from the bottom of lined or quilted ponds without damaging the expensive liner or bottom.
  • Lime removal or most any other debris from water storage tanks.

We can often do this in situations where access is limited (or inaccessible) with conventional dredging systems, as well as when the process cannot be drained.

We offer a wide range of tank cleaning services for wastewater treatment plants in the southeast US. Founded in Florida with over 35 years experience, our technology can remove sand and grit while the plant remains in service and while tanks are filled.

Our hand operated process protects delicate submerged equipment and allows us to feel around it to capture all of the grit. We can tackle virtually any distance or depth when access is limited. We’ve operated over half mile away from a plant.

Types of tanks we service

  • Aeration basins
  • Fine or fixed air diffuser systems
  • Anox basins
  • Surge tanks
  • Oxidation ditches
  • Nitrification tanks
  • Digesters
  • Clarifiers
  • Chlorine contact chambers
  • Filter cells
  • Deep lift stations/wet wells
  • Lined or quilted ponds
  • Water storage tank lime removal

Sand and grit removal

Sand and grit is the leading cause of problems in wastewater treatment facilities. Excess sand and grit robs tank volume and efficiency, while raising operational costs due to higher electrical consumption, increased use of chemicals, premature wear and equipment failure on blowers, pumps, diffusers and internal piping.

Sand and grit can be removed without emptying the tank in most cases, in a timely and efficient manner that will return the water and biomass to the tank. Your plant can be running at peak efficiency without having to drain the tank and interrupt daily operations.

Total tank cleanout

 Prepare for Demolition, Inspection, Sand Blasting, Painting, or Recoating

We can assist with transfer of liquid from one tank to another or assist in pumping down tanks using various pumps from 2” diaphragm or trash pumps, to 4” hydraulic pumps capable of pumping 800 gpm, to 4” to 6” diesel driven pumps. We offer removal of all remaining contents, sand, grit, rags, etc., after the water has been drained.

We also offer pressure-washing and sanitizing interior and exterior tank walls and internal piping and pickling of lines, all in preparation for demolition, inspection, sand blasting, painting, or refurbishing.

Vegetation removal

We can remove overgrown vegetation, duckweed, small trees and bushes from various tanks or ponds at your facility. Overgrowth can be unsightly and reduce efficiency.

Filter media cleaning and replacement

We can remove old filter media from any single or multi-layer filter media system. Single layer filter media can be recycled on site. This means removing, cleaning and returning existing media, no need for total replacement of costly filter media.

With multi-layer systems, the filter media can be extracted and deposited into trucks for final disposal and filter cells replaced with new media to original filter specs.

Emergency services

If you have had an emergency due to torrential rains causing heavy flows, internal pipe breakageclogged lines, tank leakage, overflow, or other unplanned issues. We provide prioritized emergency service, in the form of sand and grit removal or pumping down or transferring liquids or water to keep your plant in compliance.

  • Settled Solids Management at work
  • Settled Solids Management
  • SSM extended reach

Can you provide this service outside of the SE US?


Our service is reliant on heavy proprietary equipment. This limits our geographical reach to the Southeast US. 

Get your tanks cleaned for free

If your wastewater treatment plant is in Florida and your daily flows are 3 Mgal/d or less, you could get your tanks cleaned for free.


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