Posted - 23 September 2016

Hydro International supports water quality improvements at Anglian Water

We're helping Anglian Water to protect and improve water quality at Watton Water Recycling Centre.

Anglian Water’s £3 million investment to protect and improve water quality at Watton Water Recycling Centre and meet Water Framework Directive targets in Norfolk, UK is being delivered with a Hydro International sand filtration technology solution.

The solution includes the supply of six DynaSand® Oxy vertical sand filters, which have been designed to optimise ammonia removal from treated effluent discharge. The filters will also form part of an important Environment Agency (EA) national trial into more effective reduction of total phosphorus content from treated waste waters.

We have worked closely with Anglian Water’s project team to develop a detailed design solution for the site as part of the plant upgrade. The wastewater treatment plant serves the rural Norfolk town of Watton and outlying villages. In a rich farming area, with relatively low rainfall and slow river flow, there are particular challenges to keep pollutants such as ammonia and phosphorus out of the biosphere.

"Watton WRC has been identified by the Environment Agency under 'no deterioration'. This means that to prevent its discharge consent status deteriorating, additional measures are needed to address ammonia levels in order to sufficiently treat all required flow, meet discharge consents and maintain the quality of receiving water bodies. Anglian Water is also taking part in a national Environment Agency phosphorus removal trial and we are working with Hydro International to use the new DynaSand® filters in a year-long optimisation trial with the very low target of 0.1 mg/L of total phosphorus."

- Bill Measham, Project Delivery Manager, WRNI (Water Recycling Non Infrastructure) for Anglian Water

The trials follow on from successful work between Anglian and Hydro International with DynaSand® filtration technology at Stalham sewage treatment works to reduce phosphate discharges on the Norfolk broads.

"We are delighted to be working with Anglian Water on this innovative project. DynaSand® Oxy provides proven and effective technology for ammonia removal and at the same time, the DynaSand® filter action is excellent for removal of fine suspended solids as part of tertiary polishing of final discharges. Introducing ferric sulfate solution to the effluent enables phosphate to be rapidly converted into solids that can be easily removed by the DynaSand® filter."

- Paul Barter, Principal Process Engineer, Hydro International

Six DynaSand® Oxy DS7000 AD HD filter units with associated compressed air and oxygenation equipment are being installed at Watton, and our project teams are supporting the design, installation and full commissioning of the filters. Other plant improvements include inlet screen replacements and new hydraulic equipment.

Our extensive collaboration with water utilities and industrial users to design and install DynaSand® facilities has been successful in treating final effluent discharge to meet pollution consents throughout the UK. In addition, we offer full servicing and maintenance of installed plant, and are able to refurbish or upgrade existing DynaSand® filtration units to enable ammonia or phosphate removal to improve treatment efficiency or meet tightening discharge consents.


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