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Grit is the scourge of a wastewater treatment plant, widely acknowledged to compromise downstream processes through abrasion and accumulation. Yet all too often, effective grit removal is neglected or overlooked.

How Much is Grit Costing You?

When it comes to grit, do you know what you are missing? Our research shows that, on average, 60% of all grit is being missed by existing conventional solutions - a major source of avoidable process inefficiency, operating, maintenance and replacement costs.

Our rigorous Advanced Grit Management® approach directly targets removal of the fine and slowly settling grit that conventional grit removal processes miss. It's easy to capture the large particles, but the grit that causes problems is much more insiduous. Fine grit bypasses grit removal processes not equipped to handle it, allowing grit to pass downstream to clog procceses and destroy expensive equipment throughout a WWTP.

There is hope: grit systems designed to handle the actual types of materials that are entering a wastewater treament plant can effectively tackle the cost of grit. Advanced Grit Management® systems rapidly pay for themselves by reducing maintenance costs and improving plant performance.

Why do Conventional Grit Removal Systems so Often Fail?

The way grit settles in wastewater is complex, governed by a number of factors including size, specific gravity, shape and tendency for agglomeration. Following extensive sampling, experience and observation of more than 400 installations, Advanced Grit Management offers a robust approach that closely reflects actual grit particle behavior.

Conventional approaches that target 95% removal of grit particles of 200 micron or greater are based on outdated industry guidance going back more than 70 years. The science of grit behavior in WWTPs has changed. In addition, false assumptions about the behavior of grit mean many systems are falling well short even of this target. Effective grit removal systems are designed with an accurate understanding of the nature and characteristics of actual wastewater grit and how it behaves in wastewater.

Do you know how much grit your system could be missing? Use the Cost of Grit Calculator and discover the savings!

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