Posted - 30 March 2020

New Stormbloc Optimum Inspect Block

The new Stormbloc® Optimum Inspect block delivers a new way for UK engineers to meet Ofwat design guidance.

We're introducing a new, box-style Stormbloc® Optimum Inspect chamber to enable easy access to Stormbloc® Optimum storage and infiltration tanks for inspection and maintenance.

The new chamber will also offer a sand trap option to effectively manage the sediment levels within its Stormbloc® Optimum stormwater storage system, and help designers and planners meet regulations in Ofwat’s new Design Construction Guidance, which is due to be implemented in April 2020.

Stormbloc® Optimum is a resilient geocellular storage system that provides underground storage and infiltration of urban runoff.  Lightweight materials combined with robust design make it easy to transport, quick to install and extremely durable, even beneath high-traffic areas such as roads, car parks and warehouse yards.

This new inspection chamber will replace all existing Stormbloc® Optimum Inspect chambers and is easily distinguished from the other elements in the system as it is bright blue. The bright blue colour, as opposed to black, will also give a much better definition of sediment levels within the system when being inspected.

The new box-style chamber offers more versatility, including easy to click together connections and a sand trap option. This new chamber will also offer cost savings, whilst retaining its capability to withstand the high loading forces that occur under heavily trafficked areas, as well as long term loading imposed by the ground cover above the system.

Stormbloc® Optimum stacks into compact nests during transportation and storage, providing huge space and cost savings during delivery and on site.

Stormbloc® Optimum is modular and easily customisable, giving engineers the freedom to configure storage for even the most challenging SuDS project.

Find out more about the new Stormbloc® Optimum Inspect chamber and stormwater storage and infiltration with Stormbloc® Optimum.

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