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Get effective and economical wastewater grit dewatering even at small treatment plants.

The Grit Decanter dewatering bin is a non-mechanical dewatering system designed to retain fine grit with little water content, allowing for cost-effective disposal. The system is custom-designed to match your local disposal truck configurations.

The Grit Decanter is the ideal solution for plants with peak flows of up to 7 Mgal/d (27 MLD) for dewatering cleaned output from a TeaCup® or Grit King® separation system.

The Grit Decanter is an economical alternative to conventional dewatering systems, the system is custom-designed to match your local disposal truck configurations and is ideal for smaller treatment plants with peak flows of up to 7 Mgal/d (27 MLD).

When a Decanter is used in conjunction with a TeaCup® solids classifier, the grit underflow and washed abrasives require no further washing before dewatering. This underflow can be pumped or flow by gravity to the Grit Decanter for clarification and dewatering. Degritted overflow from the Grit Decanter can be returned to the plant headworks.

Only the Grit Decanter

  • Retains 75 µm grit and larger when used with a TeaCup® grit washing unit

Increase your dewatering capacity

Heavy duty casters make the Grit Decanter highly portable, meaning that multiple units may be easily used in conjunction. When one is filled it can be moved aside to wait for the arrival of disposal trucks while a stand-by unit can be easily wheeled into place.

Configured to match your disposal trucks

To allow for easy disposal of dewatered solids the Grit Decanter comes in three basic configurations to match local disposal trucks or equipment configurations:

  • Front-loading
  • Rear-loading
  • Self-dumping

Non-mechanical design requires no energy or washwater

A system using the Grit Decanter will cut energy costs and reduce the expense of replacing moving parts that come into contact with the abrasive impacts of grit. Additionally, durable construction ensures a long product life and reduces abrasive wear and fouling of solids handling equipment.

Grit Decanter Cutaway View

The Grit Decanter quiescently settles high-density solids to retain grit and abrasives. A wedgewire dewatering screen allows free water to drain out without releasing captured grit.

The Grit Decanter is portable, mounted on four polyurethane casters suitable for movement on a smooth, hard floor.

Watch a video outlining various configurations and features of the Decanter 

Design Notes 

  • 1.0, 1.5, and 2.0 cubic yard capacities (0.77, 1.15, 1.53 m3)
  • Meets ANSI standards for safety and compatibility
  • Standard hot-dipped, galvanized finish (or stainless steel) with female pipe thread connections
  • Optional features include quick disconnect fittings and hinged plastic covers

  • Front Loading stainless steel decanter
  • Side view, rear-loading Decanter
  • Top view of Rea-Loading Decanter
  • Self-Dumping Decanter in dump mode
  • Side view of a Self-Dumping Decanter
  • Side view of Stainless Steel Decanter
  • Decanter Top view of Self-Dumping model

What are the advantages of the Grit Decanter dewatering system?


The Grit Decanter is an economical grit dewatering solution for small plants unwilling to sacrifice performance. The system outputs clean, dry grit with 60% total solids and less than 25% volatile solids in a non-mechanical system and, when used with a TeaCup® grit washing unit, retains 75 micron grit and larger.


When should we select a Grit Snail and when should we select a Grit Decanter for a dewatering system?


Larger plants will typically require a Grit Snail® system, while in many smaller plants a Grit Decanter system will provide the required dewatering performance and capacity more economically. Please contact us to determine whether a Grit Snail® or Grit Decanter dewatering system would be the optimal choice for your plant.

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