Refurbishment & Retrofit

Expand your plant, meet tighter regulations and keep existing systems running for longer. 

Our refurbishment and retrofit services help plants to expand to meet the needs of growing populations, meet new or stricter regulations and extend the service lifetimes of existing water treatment systems and equipment.

Expand your wastewater treatment plant

Population growth and increased urban development is placing additional strain on existing surface water and wastewater treatment infrastructure. We can upgrade existing water treatment systems or retrofit new systems to help plants keep pace with the increased demand. 

Stay compliant with increasingly stringent regulations

Existing water treatment systems, equipment and technologies may not be sufficient to cope with new and increasingly stringent environmental discharge regulations. We can upgrade stormwater, industrial water and wastewater treatment systems to help operators meet legal obligations. Which reduces the risk of fines or legal penalties associated with effluent discharge.

Extend wastewater treatment equipment lifetimes

Our refurbishment services enable operators to keep equipment operating effectively and efficiently for longer. Preventing the need for potentially costly capital expenditure and diverting valuable budget towards ongoing operation and maintenance activities.

Refurbishing existing equipment, systems and technologies to keep them operating at maximum effectiveness. 

Replacing underperforming or outdated equipment with new systems to improve operational performance and capacity. 


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