Working at Hydro International

Find out how our values, our culture and our philosophy help us - and you - to make a difference. 

Our mission

We care about the environment

The environment is at the heart of everything we do. From the products and services that protect it to the volunteer days that we take to help clean it, we all share an absolute commitment to making a cleaner, greener planet.

Health, safety and wellbeing is not negotiable

Whether you work on site, in a workshop, in a lab or in an office, your health, safety and wellbeing are paramount. We take it extremely seriously—we want you to go home safe and well at the end of each day.

We respect our communities

We’re respectful and supportive of the communities in which we work. We play an active part, supporting local projects and initiatives, and volunteering to help out.

We’re ethical at all times

We believe in acting with honesty and integrity at all times, whether that’s with our customers, with our suppliers or with each other. We always want to do the right thing.

We build sustainability

Our products and services help our customers to reduce pollution, to recycle and reuse water, to improve operational efficiency and to reduce CO2 emissions. We’re committed to reducing and recycling waste, to cutting energy use and to increasing renewable energy.

"It brings me great satisfaction to work for a company that is making a difference to the environment, be it preventing discharge of pollutants into the sea, thereby preserving the marine environment, or protecting the aquifers from polluted rainwater and preserving water supply for cities and towns."

Shajie Khan, Applications Engineer

Our people

We support, value and respect people

We’re an ambitious, fast-growing company but we work hard to retain that small-business culture of care, compassion and inclusivity. We work flexibly, because we all have friends, family and interests, and we understand the importance of balancing our work and home lives. Here you’re a name and never just a number—you always have a voice, your opinion matters, and there are no silly questions.

We work together

We’re a global business with employees spread across different functions, divisions and geographies, and our success is built on our ability to work with each other. From local operational teams to large cross-business projects, we are at our best when we collaborate, share ideas and drive each other to do great things.

We’re building diversity

Different perspectives help us to grow and improve, making us better people, better teams and a better business. We’re committed to developing and empowering people to create a diversity of experience, of opinion and of perspective.

We build better careers

We provide a range of opportunities for personal and professional development, including apprenticeships, training and secondments. We promote internally wherever possible, and we support you in your career aspirations, whether your next role is with us or at somewhere new.

"Hydro’s flexible/hybrid working system allows me to maximise my work output while at the same time provide support for my young family. During times of family illness, and throughout lockdown, Hydro has always provided me with support and understanding. My manager allows me a good and reasonable amount of free rein in terms of how I work and solve technical problems, while at the same time there is support and advice if needed."

Joe Durrant, Senior Design Engineer

Our teams

We talk openly and honestly

Good communication is critical to our success, and we facilitate and encourage open and honest conversations at all levels of the business. We hold regular communications sessions throughout the business, and we welcome questions, opinions and ideas from all colleagues.

We have a shared vision, mission and goals

We deliver products, services, software and expertise to help a diversity of customers all over the world, and we are all working to the same objectives. We share the goal of being the smart engineering company that’s easy to do business with.

"Each day I get to work with like-minded colleagues whose pursuit of excellence and innovation both drives and inspires me. Being an international company, we are not bound by our office walls. A couple of years ago I was part of a global team that scoped out the requirements for our new business intelligence tool; during the implementation phase, I worked with colleagues from other departments/divisions to ensure we could report around the same metrics while speaking the same 'language'. It was a great way to get to expand my relationships within the company and gain insight into how everything fits together across the business."

Ben Lydon, National Sales Manager

Our expertise

We want to be the best

We’ve built an exceptional reputation over the years, and our brand is a byword for quality. Our products lead the market, our services are reliable and effective, and our people are experienced and professional. We value excellence, and we never stop trying to improve.

We’re experts, and proud of it

Our business is built on scientific and operational excellence, and over the years we’ve pioneered new technologies for flow control, stormwater treatment and wastewater solids removal. We value our experts and our expertise. It’s what sets us apart.

Innovation is in our DNA

We’ve always been at the front of the pack, driving change in the water industry. We have an entrepreneurial spirit, and we’re always looking for new technologies, systems, processes and ways of working that can help us to improve.

Our solutions lead the way

Our technologies, products and services lead the market in terms of performance, quality and reliability. We’re the only water management business that proves its solutions three different ways: theoretically, in the lab and in the field.

Our customers

We care about our customers

For over 40 years we’ve been a valued resource for our customers, providing advice, insight and guidance and responding with urgency to help them solve their water management challenges. We work for, with and alongside our customers to make sure that they get exactly what they need, every step of the way.

We respond with urgency

Our customers are our priority, and we work hard to make sure that they get what they need when they need it. We treat each other the same way we treat our customers.  

"I always enjoy working through a project from start to finish. We have recently finished installing at five new water level warning sites for a new local authority. The sites have our Hydro-Logic® Flexi-Loggers with water level transmitters, and some of these sites have static cameras which take photos of their trash screens or culverts. The local authority were very happy with the results, and now their Highways team want an additional five sites. These sites will help the local community to warn of rising water levels during rainfall events."

Daniel Walker, Senior Client Delivery Manager

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