Flood Warning Systems

Get early warning of flood events to enable faster first response, emergency management procedures or evacuation activities.

Our flood warning systems provide home owners, community groups and local government and agency decision makers with early warning of an impending flood risk, enabling emergency management procedures or evacuation to be applied in good time, thereby reducing resultant risks to life or damage to properties.

Our systems provide critical extra time to deploy maintenance and response teams, to deploy property level flood protection measures or to trigger local flood plans.

Our services

Our flood warning systems monitor a range of factors that can contribute to flood risk, providing alerts when predetermined thresholds are reached.

These include:

  • Surface water level
  • Underground (sewer or culverted watercourse) water level
  • Rainfall
  • Groundwater
  • Pump status
  • Flood gate status
  • Trash screens

We also provide closed-circuit cameras to provide instantaneous information on flood status at critical sites and automatic warning signs that may be triggered when flood risk reaches a certain level.

Our experience and expertise

We have installed over 850 flood warning sites for over 80 councils and land drainage authorities throughout the UK, making us the leading independent provider of flood warning systems to UK local authorities.

Our flood warning systems use Hydro-Logic® data loggers due to their reliability and long battery life, and provide data via the Hydro-Logic® Timeview online platform, which allows the user to manage the issuing of flood warning alarms by text message and e-mail, determine when key thresholds are met or issue an alert when the status of the asset changes.

Other Monitoring and Measurement capabilities

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