Data, insight and analysis

Hydro-Logic Timeview

Automatically process and manage  hydrometric data to provide alarms and early warning of flood events and other environmental risk factors.

Hydro-Logic® Timeview provides automatic wireless receipt of data from remote sensors, triggering automated flood event alarms, providing short-term data storage and enabling data visualisation and initial analysis.

Part of the Hydro-Logic® Smart Monitoring range, Hydro-Logic® Timeview is simple to set up, immediately accessible and requires no additional information technology or telemetry infrastructure.

Hydro-Logic® Timeview provides automatic wireless receipt of data from remote sensors, processing received data to trigger automated flood event alarms, provide short-term data storage and enable data visualisation and initial analysis.

Designed to provide dedicated real-time data management for our Smart Monitoring data loggers, Hydro-Logic® Timeview gives insight into climatic conditions, provides early warning of flooding and can deliver photographic evidence of blockage or other points of system failure, enabling public and private organisations to manage their environment more efficiently, allocate maintenance and rapid-response resources effectively and reduce their flood risk.

Available via a web browser, Hydro-Logic® Timeview is accessible and easy to use, and requires no additional hardware or information technology infrastructure.


  • Precipitation and weather monitoring

  • Flood warning and forecasting

  • Water resource operations

  • Compensation flow compliance

  • Discharge consent compliance

  • Culvert screen blockage warning

  • Water quality or pollution alerts

React rapidly and effectively to flood events

Data transmitted to Hydro-Logic® Timeview can be used to trigger automatic alerts and provide early warning of flood events and other water management rapid response situations. As the brains of a Hydro-Logic® Smart Monitoring system, Hydro-Logic® Timeview distributes automated warning messages via SMS or e-mail, alerting responders to flood risk and enabling them to react more quickly to warn, evacuate or implement mitigation measures.

  • Supports targeted maintenance of assets

  • Provides additional time to act to set up protection, place warning signs, evacuate

  • Reduces risk of unauthorized pollution discharge

  • Cuts risk of fines, surcharges, clean-up costs

Get short-term record-keeping and analysis

Hydro-Logic® Timeview stores data for up to 12 months, enabling short-term data warehousing and export for analysis of contemporary water, climate and environmental information.

  • Statistics, trend analysis and identification
  • Flood monitoring and flood risk assessment

  • Environmental analysis

Longer-term storage and in-depth analysis requires a dedicated database such as Hydro-Logic® Timeview DBi.

  1. Following a site and installation assessment a Hydro-Logic® Smart Monitoring data logger—or network of loggers—is installed on site.
  2. The logger is calibrated and set to log data according to application-specific requirements.
  3. The data logger collects water level data autonomously and transmits it automatically to the Hydro-Logic® Timeview telemetry system.
  4. Hydro-Logic® Timeview receives the data and determines whether any pre-set conditions have been met; if they have then it distributes an alert message via SMS or e-mail.
  5. Where a remote camera is installed as part of the Hydro-Logic® Smart Monitoring system, users may use the online Hydro-Logic® Timeview interface to view imagery.
  6. Users may export stored data for analysis.

We are able to design, install and manage water level data logging networks on your behalf. Read more about our Field Hydrometry services or contact us to talk to an expert about your specific requirements.

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