Monitoring Network Design, Operation and Maintenance

Get reliable, real-world data without having to design, operate or maintain a complex hydrometric network.

Designing, setting up, operating and maintaining a network of remote environmental monitoring devices is not a straightforward task.

Our experts will conduct this often complex and time-consuming activity, leaving you to focus on what matters—the data.

Our capabilities 

  • Review and audit of existing networks
  • Rehabilitation of measurement infrastructure and instruments
  • Calibration of flow gauge ratings
  • Specification and introduction of new technology, where appropriate
  • Design and development of surface water archiving, rainfall and flow data processing systems
  • Installation and commissioning of telemetry systems for rainfall, level and flow
  • Operation and maintenance of surface and groundwater hydrometric networks
  • Design of local flood warning, water quality and pollution warning systems
  • Routine monthly and annual quality control and data reporting
  • Training and best-practice manuals for national hydrometric networks

Our expertise

We are one of the few non-governmental organisations in the UK with the track record and capability to design, operate and maintain extensive, complex hydrometric networks.

We derive our expertise from the background and experience of our senior staff, which includes extensive project experience not just in the UK but also advising overseas governments in the Republic of Ireland, India, Hong Kong, Botswana and Malawi, as well as the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC).

One of our key strengths is that, as well as collecting hydrometric data, we also apply it. Our hydrologists undertake a wide range of analyses enabling our clients to make informed and robust decisions. The close link between the hydrometric services team and our hydrologists provides direct benefits in the quality of our data and how it is interpreted.

Flow Derivation and Uncertainty

We have undertaken the design, operation and audit of numerous flow monitoring sites, and in doing this we have developed and reviewed numerous stage-discharge relationships and velocity index ratings for open channels, informal controls and formal structures. We are also able to complement these techniques with rating extension throughout the full flow range using simple hydraulic analyses and 1D / 2D modelling techniques, as appropriate.

Uncertainty analysis is a means of gaining a better understanding of the quality of hydrometric data and the potential consequences for reliable decision making. We undertake uncertainty analysis for a wide range of flow measurement techniques.

Other Monitoring and Measurement capabilities