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This page is intended to help Precon partner reps quickly access Hydro International's stormwater product information. 

Slide Presentations are available for download.

First Defense® Hydrodynamic Separator

Downstream Defender® Hydrodynamic Separator

Up-Flo® Filter

Hydro DryScreen® Baffle Box

Hydro-Brake® Flow Control Valve

Hydro StormScapeTM 

Hydro Webinar Series

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  • Stormwater 101: Get an overview of all products offered by Hydro International - separators, filters, baffle boxes, bio filters and flow control valves as well as a quick overview on regulations and pollutant types. 
  • Innovations in Stormwater Filtration: Get an understanding of how Hydro International matches the filter media to the application 
  • Design Dos & Don’ts: hosted by Hydro International’s Senior Project Engineer, Mark Johnston, this webinar reviews the most common design mistakes made when specifying stormwater BMPs. This is a good 101 for those who have never or rarely specify treatment systems.
  • Which BMP? It Depends What You’re Trying to Remove: Hosted by Hydro International’s Northeast Regional Sales Manager, David Mongeau, this webinar helps engineers determine which type of system (separator, filter or screened baffle box) based on what pollutants their trying to address.
  • Sizing Separators & FiltersHosted by Hydro International’s Stormwater Treatment Specialist, Phil Taylor, this webinar focuses on how to size both separators and filters.
  • Stormwater Treatment Case Studies: Hosted by Phil Taylor, see interesting and unique stormwater treatment case studies from around the world. 




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