Hydro-Logic Smart Monitoring system reduces flood risk for Wychavon District Council

Wychavon District Council selected a Hydro-Logic® Smart Monitoring system to enable engineers to monitor culvert trash screens and respond to blockages more quickly and effectively.


Residents of Evesham, near Worcester, had experienced flooding from a culvert on the Bengeworth Brook, a small watercourse that discharges into Battleton Brook and then the nearby River Avon.


During storm events a trash screen in the culvert became easily blocked, restricting flow through the culvert and contributing to flooding in the Davies Road area.


Wychavon District Council identified a need for a Smart Monitoring system to provide insight into conditions at the trash screen, and selected the Hydro-Logic® Flexi Logger 105 to provide water level monitoring and early warning of blockages.


The Council's Engineering Team is now able to respond to blockages quickly and clear debris before the blockage causes flooding to nearby areas, improving responsiveness and reducing the need for speculative regular inspection visits.


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