Hydro MicroScreen saves California corn processor $158,000 in hauling costs

Testing revealed that a single Hydro MicroScreen™ could save a California corn processor $158,000 in hauling costs each year. 


A California-based corn processor had an inefficient wastewater treatment line and was paying $250,000 each year in hauling costs to dispose of high-moisture sludge from their treatment process.

The plant’s on-site treatment system used twelve 10,000 gallon settling tanks and an 8-acre treatment lagoon for sediment capture; each day the plant was drawing 6,000 gallons of sludge from the bottom of two of these settling tanks and then trucking it to a local WWTP for disposal.

They needed a better long-term solution than this expensive workaround.


The plant selected a Hydro MicroScreen™ system for trial. The unit was tested under real-world conditions on their typical daily flows to determine how much it could improve their operation and reduce their operating costs.

Effluent samples were sent to an independent laboratory for analysis. 


Independent laboratory analysis revealed that the Hydro MicroScreen™ removed 66% of the particulate BOD and indicated that a single Hydro MicroScreen™ system at this plant would save $158,000 in hauling costs alone each year. 

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