Hydro MicroScreen™ boosts profitability of olive pomace recovery and reduces wastewater treatment costs.

The Hydro MicroScreen™ removed 89% of bulk suspended solids for one Napa Valley olive oil producer, increasing profitability and cutting treatment costs.

In a trial the Hydro MicroScreen™ system successfully captured 89% of bulk suspended solids for one Napa Valley olive oil producer.

Removing solids prior to clarification improved the quality of this plant’s wash water effluent, allowed more effective use of their clarification systems, and enabled quicker re-use of valuable water assets.

The system captured significantly more of the producer's pomace than their conventional screening system - thereby increasing the value of trucked pomace volume and reducing transportation costs.

The Hydro MicroScreen™ simultaneously increased the profitability of their pomace recovery operation and reduced their wastewater treatment costs.

The robust nature of the Hydro MicroScreen™ has been proven to handle even the most demanding solids loading conditions that olive oil producers can throw at it.

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