Industrial water treatment increases efficiency at carrot processing facility

The Hydro MicroScreen™ removes 100% more solids from process water than existing screening technology. 


A large California carrot processing company wanted to improve its industrial process water treatment efficiency.


The company's gravity disc screen was missing solids, reducing the effectiveness of an effluent spray system that was being used to recycle process water onto the carrot fields.


The Hydro International team ran a pilot test of the Hydro MicroScreen™ rotating belt screen, to demonstrate its effectiveness in removing food solids from process water.


The Hydro MicroScreen™ performed extremely well during the pilot trial, removing 100% more solids than the company's existing gravity disc screen.

When the Hydro MicroScreen™ was operated downstream of the gravity disc screen it was further discovered that for every eight-hour shift of operation, the Hydro MicroScreen™ was catching 6.8 m3 (240 cu ft) of carrot solids that the gravity disc screen was missing.



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