Hydro MicroScreen™ helps New England brewery to cut disposal fees

By capturing 82% of solids from effluent, Hydro MicroScreen™ helped a New England brewery to maintain digester capacity and cut disposal costs. 

A New England brewery with an expensive anaerobic digestion system was looking to reduce Total Suspended Solids (TSS) in their wastewater as TSS was contributing to an unacceptable portion of their solids disposal fees.

With solids clogging their anaerobic digester and reducing efficiency, the brewery was looking for a better solution to maintain the capacity of their digester and to reduce their disposal costs. Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) was also an issue, but most of their COD was soluble so it could not be removed by physical separation.

The brewery contacted Hydro International to arrange a pilot demonstration on their wastewater to see if the Hydro MicroScreen™ ultrafine rotating belt screen could reduce their TSS loading rates.

The trial was a success - lab analysis showed that the Hydro MicroScreen™ was removing on average 82% of TSS and, while COD was not the primary target of the system, the Hydro MicroScreen™ provided the added bonus of also removing 36% of COD.  

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