Case Study Tupelo Bayou WWTP protects Conway Lake, AR with help from Hydro International equipment

Complete grit removal & sludge screening solution protects & optimizes plant performance in Conway, Arkansas

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Case Study HeadCell eliminates Chandler, AZ's punishing grit problem

HeadCell® TeaCup® Grit Snail® grit removal system provides total plant protection

Case Study Meat Processing Case Studies

The Hydro MicroScreen™ provides significant cost savings for meat processors and has a very rapid ROI. 

Case Study Hydro MicroScreen™ helps South Carolina paper packaging manufacturer cut lagoon maintenance costs

Hydro MicroScreen™ captures 441% more solids than existing technology for this South Carolina paper packaging manufacturer - allowing the plant to go 2-3 times longer before needing to dredge their lagoon. 

Case Study Sludge Pretreatment System Brings BC WWTP Into Compliance

SlurryCup™ / Grit Snail® / Hydro-Sludge® Screen Extends the Life of Digesters Through 2030