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Make better water management decisions.

Our dedicated Data, Insight & Analysis team combines specialist water sector expertise with market-leading data collection and analytics tools to create intelligence products that help you answer your most complex, critical and urgent questions quickly and with confidence—enabling you to make better decisions today to preserve and protect the water of tomorrow.

How data, insight and analysis can help you

Plan, act and react

Remote monitoring equipment gathers real-world data in near real time, providing you with vast sets of climate, water and water quality data that you can use to model future scenarios to develop asset management plans that effectively manage future water resources, drought risk and climate change impacts.

The same systems are also used to trigger warnings and alerts to help first responders and members of the public react quickly and decisively to mitigate or even prevent the effects of flooding.

Accelerate decision making

Data collection, processing and analysis are time-consuming and often complex activities. In many cases, data from different sources are difficult to integrate and aggregate, and analytical tools are not designed to work optimally with large or unwieldy data sets.

In addition, deriving intelligence outputs from data sets such as these is a skill, requiring a great deal of expertise to ensure that inferences and conclusions are both realistic and actionable.

Partnering with a specialist external provider accelerates the more time-consuming aspects of data collection, processing and insight development, leaving you and your team with more time to invest in the critical decisions that result.

Increase confidence, reduce risk

Data is the foundation on which decisions are built. As W. Edwards Deming famously said, “without data, you’re just another person with an opinion”, and as organizations need to look years into the future when developing plans and strategies, you can’t afford to rely on opinions.

High-quality data is the raw material from which good decisions are made, increasing confidence and enabling teams to reduce associated risks.

Remove bias

Partnering with an independent third-party to obtain water management insight helps water sector professionals to minimize the institutional bias or “received wisdom” that often develops, and which can prevent unconventional thinking or hinder the development of innovative solutions.


From asset planning to risk management and climate change, the decisions that water sector professionals have to make often have impacts that will be felt far into the future, so it’s critical that decisions are based on the best possible inputs. For the water and wastewater sector, those inputs must include high-quality, real-world data.

We are experts in the collection, processing and analysis of critical hydrometric, climate and water quality data. We provide this data direct to water sector professionals to equip them with the informational raw materials that they need in order to carry out their own decision-enabling analysis, and we use it as the foundation of the insight, guidance and advice that we deliver.


The water sector needs to understand vast data sets that encompass everything from climate to water level and flow, pollution, pH level and more. However, processing and analysing that data is not a straightforward task.

Data sets such as these are large and complex, and may stretch back many years. They may be internally inconsistent or directly incompatible with other related data sets.

Our analytics experts are highly experienced at processing, structuring, harmonizing and analyzing large, complicated data sets and using these to derive meaningful, actionable outputs that you and your teams can use to make better, faster, more cost-effective decisions.


While most organizations understand that data-driven decision making is critical to successful forecasting, planning and asset management, the reality is that data collection, processing, analysis and interpretation are specialist skills, and these activities can be time-consuming, difficult or expensive for organizations to conduct this internally.

Equally, data analysis and interpretation carried out by internal resources can be influenced by organizational “received wisdom” and unintentional biases, so there is real benefit to working with an external expert partner.

Even established planning and forecasting teams can benefit from leveraging third-party expertise, making decisions more robust through challenging assumptions or providing an alternative perspective on the issue.

Our expert advisory team has years of experience in the water sector, working with national and regional water suppliers and their associated partners to deliver recommendations and advice on asset management, water resources, climate change and drought resilience that enable the development of robust, cost-effective long-term water management plans and strategies.

Smart monitoring equipment

Our Hydro-Logic® smart monitoring equipment provides a remote data collection capability that delivers real-world climate, water level, water flow and water quality data in near real time.

These rugged, low-maintenance systems can be used to collect longitudinal data for analysis, or to trigger automated alerts and warnings to protect people from flooding, reduce stormwater maintenance costs or alert response teams to a flood or pollution incident.

Available as stand-alone systems or integrated into products such as the Downstream Defender® Select, our Hydro-Logic® smart monitoring equipment delivers reliable, actionable data that enable you to make decisions quickly and with confidence.

Analytics and data processing software

Data on its own cannot answer your critical, complex or urgent questions—it needs to be processed and turned into an intelligence product. While some organizations are able to process, integrate and interpret complex water and climate data, in many cases the data sets are so large and intricate that specialist tools are required.

Our data analytics and processing tools turn data into insight, and enable you to take plan, act and react quickly and decisively.

Hydro-Logic® Aquator, for example, enables hydrologists and water resources professionals to model future supply and demand scenarios and develop robust, reliable long-term plans to guarantee water availability, build drought preparedness and mitigate the effects of climate change.

Data, insight and analysis services

Our expert data, insight and analysis team specialises in hydrometry and water resources, delivering stand-alone projects or ongoing advisory services to help hydrologists and water resources professionals to develop plans and strategies to ensure water supply resilience, combat the effects of climate change and protect against drought and water scarcity.

The team also offers managed data collection services, designing, installing and managing networks of remote smart monitoring systems, and as the largest remote monitoring network operator in the UK, managing over 1,000 smart monitoring sites nationwide, our experts have unmatched experience.

Smart Monitoring system reduces flood risk for district council

Remote monitoring network helps water company manage resources

Advanced modelling software helps water company manage drought

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If you’re interested in learning more about how our data, insight and analysis solutions can help you and your teams to answer your most complex, critical and urgent questions quickly and with confidence, you can contact us to request a consultation with one of experts.


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