Hydro DryScreen

Screen and capture stormwater trash, organic matter and sediment, then store it dry to prevent nutrient pollution.

Storm King

Prevent 100% of combined sewer floatables and gross solids and 95% of grit and sediment from reaching the environment.

Hydro-Brake Optimum

Manage low, moderate and high flows to deliver low-impact drainage from single sites to large networks.

Hydro-Brake Flood

Reliably protect homes, business and infrastructure from flood damage, now and in the future.

Hydro-Brake Agile

Reduce upstream storage and manage flood risk at sites with stringent discharge consents where space for on-site attenuation is at a premium.

Hydro-Brake Orifice

Manage moderate flows and deliver cost-effective sustainable drainage at site and development level.

Hydro-Static Screen

Capture gross solids and floatables at CSO sites with infrequent overflows.