Posted - 17 October 2016

Tests demonstrate >75% stormwater pollution capture at busy commercial port

Real-world testing in Pasaia, Spain demonstrated that Downstream Defender® and Up-Flo® Filter captured between 78% and 90% of pollution in a challenging industrial area.

Testing conducted by our Spanish distribution partner Urgarbi has demonstrated that the Downstream Defender® hydrodynamic separator and the Up-Flo® Filter stormwater filter effectively capture stormwater pollution even in challenging industrial environments.

Urgarbi tested stormwater at the Port of Pasaia, Spain over a period of more than eight months, passing the influent through mobile stormwater treatment units and measuring the removal rates of targeted pollutants. Results demonstrated that at this site the systems effectively captured the pollutants and reduced pollution in effluent by over 75%:

  • Total suspended solids (TSS): 85% removal
  • Iron: 90% removal
  • Lead: 83% removal
  • Zinc: 78% removal

While both Downstream Defender® and Up-Flo® Filter have been certified by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection to remove TSS at 50% and 80% respectively, these results show that real-world performance may in fact be far higher.

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