Posted - 03 March 2016

Hydro International launches next-generation baffle box

Hydro International has launched the Hydro DryScreen® next-generation baffle box for improved stormwater treatment.

Hydro International has launched the Hydro DryScreen® Next Generation Baffle Box - a versatile screen and sediment-removing device designed for greater capture of trash, debris and organic material from stormwater runoff.

Increasingly, TSS (total suspended solids), trash, and nutrient pollution in stormwater are affecting water quality and hurting ecosystems. The smartly designed Hydro DryScreen® Next Generation Baffle Box allows specifying engineers and contractors to prevent the spread of harmful sediment pollution, trash litter and algal blooms caused by nutrients in decaying leaves and organic material.

Using advanced TSS capture technology, a larger screening area to trap/store leaf-litter before it decomposes, and an easy maintenance model, The Hydro DryScreen® is a multipurpose system equipped to treat and/or prevent an assortment of stormwater pollutants.

Creating this system was fun because it allowed us to combine three areas of existing expertise,” said Jeremy Fink, Senior Product Development Engineer at Hydro International. “Sediment separation and screening technologies are already core capabilities for us and we’ve always designed our systems with easy maintenance in mind. What we’re most proud of though is how this system addresses the biggest challenge currently facing the screening market: blinding.

With four times the screening capture area and a patented flow diffuser that evenly spreads debris across the entire surface area, the Hydro DryScreen® can go without maintenance four times longer than other similar baffle box brands, saving time and money. 

The system’s flexible design works well with high peak flows, shallow drainage lines or flat topographies where low headloss must be accommodated. Model sizes range from a 4’ x 8’ to 12’ x 20’ but can also be customizable.

For the convenience of specifying engineers who may need assistance selecting an appropriate model size, the Hydro DryScreen™ sizing calculator guides sizing selections based on site-specific information entered by the user. 

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