Commercial development protects retention ponds

Downstream Defender® maintains the health and performance of retention ponds at a Nashville commercial development.


Nashville, Tennessee is a fast-growing major metropolitan area with a population of over 1.5 million people.

To meet the needs of residents, a local businessman decided to develop a mixed use commercial property known as Brick Church Pike Realty located just north of the Cumberland River.


Gradients on the development site included steep slopes that vary between 10% and 20%, while the city required 80% removal of total suspended solids (TSS) from stormwater runoff, plus capture the large amount of oil and grease that would be produced from the two parking lots.

Local regulations and ordinances also required management of post-development runoff for the 100-year storm event plus erosion control measures for more frequent storm events.


Rhodes Engineering selected Downstream Defender® to provide upstream protection of two retention ponds.


The Downstream Defender® advanced vortex separators play an important role in maintaining the long-term health and performance of the retention ponds, the slow-release design of which helps make the sloped lot usable for development.



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