Unconventional Downstream Defender system helps protect Gulf waters in Qatar

An unconventional above-ground Downstream Defender® system is helping to prevent stormwater pollution from reaching the waters of the Gulf.


Qatar's Public Works Authority, Ashghal, recently completed a major new surface and ground water drainage tunnel in Abu Hamour, near Doha.  


Stormwater in the Middle East contains high levels of dust, grit and hydrocarbons, and these pollutants are damaging both to marine ecosystems and to the amenity of public beaches; national regulations stipulate that stormwater must be treated before discharge. 


Hydro International worked with Metito to develop an unconventional above-ground pumped stormwater treatment system, incorporating ten Downstream Defender® systems in concrete chambers. 


The project was completed in December 2017 - the Downstream Defender® units are able to remove pollutants from stormwater at total flows of over 4,000 l/s (64,193 gpm).



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