Advanced stormwater treatment technologies protect Russian river from coal dust pollution

Downstream Defender® and Up-Flo® Filter combine to catch coal dust pollution in Russia's Tuloma river.


Heavy industrial output has been adversely affecting rivers in Russia's Murmansk region, with coal mines and chemical facilities discharging contaminants into local waters that damage natural ecosystems.


The river Tuloma was suffering from coal dust pollution, which was carried by stormwater runoff originating from local coal mines. The pollution was damaging important Atlantic salmon spawning grounds.


The Hydro International team conducted laboratory testing of local influent and proposed an advanced stormwater treatment solution comprising a chemically dosed Downstream Defender® hydrodynamic separator and an Up-Flo® Filter advanced filtration system.


A pilot trial demonstrated that the system successfully captured >95% of coal dust in surface water runoff, and the concept was approved for full-scale deployment.

Getting our experts on board early in the process ensured a positive outcome," said Clive Evans Managing Director, Africa, Middle East & Asia, "Our team has both the laboratory facilities and the expertise to understand local needs and tailor a solution to meet them.



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