Industrial Case Study: California Recycling Center

Up-Flo® Filter helped a California recycling and transfer station to cut their industrial stormwater effluent discharge levels and tackle potential legal action.


A recycling and transfer station in Northern California was facing legal action from the Bay Keepers, a nonprofit environmental advocacy organization if their facility did not reduce their industrial stormwater effluent discharge levels to within the those permissible in the California Industrial General Permit (IGP).


The facility was over was over their Numeric Action Levels for five different pollutants including Total Suspended Solids (TSS), zinc, copper, aluminum and iron, some of them by as much as 5-7 times the permissible limits. The facility had sought other treatment options but were either unconvinced of the effectiveness or felt the cost was prohibitive to pursue further.


Runoff samples taken from the facility were used in a Pollutant Removal Test conducted in the Hydro International hydraulics laboratory.

Extremely high removal levels were shown using the Up-Flo® Filter membrane media for all five pollutants of concern and in all instances, the filter brought the facility under the Numeric Action Levels they needed to meet. 


Removal percentages ranged from 80% - 97% removal and the facility was extremely pleased with the data and felt the treatment option was a good fit for their budget.



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