Aberdeen International Business Park Gets SuDS Treatment with Hydro’s Pollution Control Technology

Aberdeen’s International Business Park gets a Sustainable Drainage (SuDS) scheme using Up-Flo™ Filter and Hydro Biofilter™ technologies to meet strict planning and pollutant removal criteria.


The 16.2 hectare site Aberdeen International Business Park constructed by Bowmer and Kirkland for Abstract (Cornwall) Ltd is strategically located on the principal link road between the Airport and the Aberdeen Western Perimeter Route / A96 and will provide well-located facilities with high-standards of office accommodation for the international business community in Aberdeen.

As well as office, restaurant and leisure facilities, future plans include hotel accommodation.  In keeping with Aberdeen Airport’s strong oil industry connections with other North Sea bordering countries, Phase 1 has been leased to a leading Norway investment provider Aker Solutions, for whom the Abstract Group of Companies is developing the site.

A wide-variety of SuDS components have been included for the 31,000 m2 first phase of the development to meet the level of treatment required by the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) to help protect the water quality of the River Dee, a well-known salmon river.


The Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) stipulated two levels of runoff treatment for some areas of the development.  Due to lack of space, small footprint solutions that could deliver high levels of treatment were required.


Four Up-Flo™ Filter units in underground concrete chambers and six Hydro Biofilter™ units forming part of the landscaping were installed and provide high levels of treatment in a small footprint.


The six Hydro Biofilter™ units are installed in a landscaped courtyard garden around three linked four-storey commercial blocks," said Nick Watson, from Mott MacDonald. "There is also a two-storey 1,197-space car park and runoff from its draining surface is treated via four Up-Flo™ Filters in concrete manholes.  Space constraints meant that finding small footprint solutions that could achieve high treatment levels was limited. There are some occasions where the more natural engineering approach is less suitable due to a lack of space and having an option like Up-Flo™ Filter can be useful.



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