Marina development protects pristine national conservation site

Up-Flo® Filter exceeds Auckland Regional Council's stormwater treatment requirements, enabling a marina development while protecting a conservation area of national importance.


Orakei Marina Development proposed the upgrade of 172 new berths and more than two acres of development at an Auckland, New Zealand marina.

The development was at Okahu Landing on the Harauki Gulf, a nationally important conservation area, and in order to receive approval for the project the firm needed to comply with strict environment requirements and overcome the challenges of working in tidal conditions.


Orakei Marina Development understood that conversion of open space to impervious surfaces such as car parks would increase the volume of runoff and increase the risk of downstream flooding, and that car park areas generate high levels of pollutants such as trash and debris, sediment, hydrocarbons, metals, nutrients and other contaminants.


Auckland Regional Council evaluated and approved the Up-Flo® Filter for treatment of stormwater runoff for the project.


Orakei Marina Development was able to exceed the Council’s requirements for stormwater treatment of 75% of total suspended solids (TSS), with the Up-Flo® Filter system removing more than 90% of particles with a mean particle distribution of 20 microns.



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