United Utilities cuts equipment blockages, damage and downtime

United Utilities invested in Hydro-Sludge® Screens and cut equipment blockages and associated damage and downtime.


An advanced digestion pre-treatment facility at Davyhulme needed to produce a treated product suitable for land recycling or incineration at the Mersey Valley Processing Centre in Widnes, Cheshire.


The Davyhulme facility needed to produce sludge that was free from screenings in order to reduce any potential for equipment blockages and associated damage or downtime.


Hydro-Sludge® Screen screening units were installed at five wastewater sites in South Manchester and Lancashire.


"Hydro International’s Hydro-Sludge® Screen met our requirements for technical specifications and value for money," said Tony Goddard, Project Team Leader, Inegrated Alliance South M&E



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